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Property maintenance and general repairs

Rob The Handyman is a leading provider of home installation. We work throughout the greater-Tauranga area and provide maintenance services for individual homes, commercial properties, and body corporates. With professionals in a comprehensive range of trades, Rob The Handyman can handle home installation jobs of all sizes. Call us today and get a full rundown on all our services. 

Home installation as plumber services in Tauranga

Domestic services

Just contact Rob and we'll arrange a mutally agreed appointment to come and look at your building's problem, discusss options with you and come up with a formal quotation, discuss method and pricing within a few days.

We call on decades of experience to solve problems in all areas of the building. Simply employ us on an hourly rate or we'll give you a competitive quotation for any work, it's the nature of our business.

We are interested in your problem or project and thrive on sorting it out.

Contact Rob now.

Commercial services

Domestic services

We are always happy to come to your place and share the situation with you.

Whether it's a small deck, putting in a large sliding door unit, building steps, creating an out-door area, planter boxes, pergola and so on.

We are constantly improving people's homes, rental properties and flats.

We get involved in changing people's indoor and outdoor living areas as their life styles change and improvements are required. Rob will help with ideas and possibilities.

Repairing a garden shed


Whether you're a tenant or an owner, you may need to alter the layout of your workshop, office or storage area.

Rob can come to your place and discuss your plans, take mearurements and come up with a competitive price to complete your project.

We can work in with your programme and will arrive on the right day to undertake your project, large or small.

Have a look at our services which will indicate how we can help with your proposals.